Eric Cheng, the secretary of BABU is back in Kathmandu, working at IFCH. His reviews of the hospital are again inspiring as well as challenging.

Challenges such as rolling power-outages, lack of equipment, and poor health education of so much of the population are some of the simple challenges. An overflowing Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is of great concern, especially considering a recent strike at the nearby Teaching Hospital is lessening available facilities for the public. Costs of other nearby icu beds are double or triple the price, and not specialized for children’s treatment.

March 25, Eric will be presenting at a National Neonatal Pediatrician Conference on the Social Determinants of Neonatal Health. We look forward to hearing about his experience and impact.

More news and pictures to come of Eric’s adventure and exploration of the developing IFCH and surround health facilities.

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