The logistics and administration of our first official project as a regisitered charity have been a tremendous task, but we are very excited about the outcome. We are currently sitting at over $7000 in donations for BABU so far, a full breakdown of how these funds will be published online once the final tally comes in and the needs at IFCH are assessed. So far, we’re committed to completing payments for the dental chair at IFCH. Equipment donation has been extremely generous with 3 fully outfitted infant flow drivers + generators, etc. See our “donated equipment”¬†for list of all donated products. We’ve also had confirmation from Cathay Pacific to take 10 pieces of check-in luggage at no additional cost.

We also are exploring a hospital in Tansen, Palpa, Nepal where we may have the opportunity to assist in the future. We have also collected some research equipment for the the Environment and Public Health Organization.

Eric, our representative, is also busy preparing a 20-minute presentation that he will be presenting at a national Neonatal Conference in Kathmandu while he is away.

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