As you may or may not already know, Nepal has a long and troubled history of political instability. This political turmoil stems from a 10 year of civil war with Maoist rebels, which finally ended in 2006. Although most of the violence has subsided, tension between political parties reached an all time high this spring. Thousands of Maoist supporters traveled to Kathmandu to voice their displeasure with the current government, demanding that the Prime Minister step down. Days of intense protests shut down the capital of Nepal. Ultimately, the pressure put on the current government lead the Prime Minister to resign just last month.

With all that has gone on in Nepal in the past few months, there have been several reports in the media which I encourage you to explore.

Recently, CBC put out an article that gives a brief history of the political ongoings, as well as a nice summary of the current political situation in Nepal.

Next, for a different perspective, AlJazeera recently did a special on Nepal’s Maoist Party. The video looks at whether or not the party can work through political means to address the needs of the Nepali people, especially those in rural communities.

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