Infection Control

Through the use of hand hygiene promotion with hospital staff, and enhancement of hand cleaning facilities, such as sinks or access to hand sanitizer, we hope to impact infection control in the Kathmandu area.
Ideas for this program include:
• Working with health care facilities to improve sink access in crucial areas, such as birthing wards, intensive care units, and minor surgical units that could benefit from such a program.
•Increasing accessibility to soap in all hand wash stations for health care professionals in an appropriate form (preferably liquid)
• Informational seminars for the general public and health care professionals on infection control and hand hygiene in many settings.

Rural Health Relief Work

Through the creation of temporary relief packages with basic supplies for doctors working in more rural and remote regions of Nepal, we hope to empower these individuals and assist them in reaching as many patients as possible.
Ideas for this program include:
• Working in association with local doctors doing rural relief work
• Doing some initial needs assessment, and examine what supplies are most needed in the facilities that are existing in order to have the most impact in the region or village.
• Explore and build relationships with facilities in more rural areas to improve our reach.

Nursing Scope of Practice

Through information sharing and exchange opportunities, we hope to better understand the role of the nurse in the health system of Nepal, and how to empower them and improve the quality of health care delivered to the people of Nepal.
Ideas for this project include:
•Participatory research into what the current role is, and how that can be expanded.
• Exploring the nursing role in the Nepali health care system
• Working to expand our internships to share the Nepalese health care system with nurses from other countries.

Students are also leading programs in development of physiotherapy facilities at IFCH, a micronutrient initiative and nutrition education program for in-patients and outpatients at IFCH, and first aid training skills with youth. We look forward to posting the results from these projects!

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One Response to Projects for Summer 2011

  1. Tummydoc00 says:

    I am physicain on an Eye and Medical camp to the Upper Mustang Area in early August 2011. I would like to know of any current or past research projects that are or have taken palces in the recent past.

    Indira R.Kairam MD

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