BABU is proud to help create a library to supplement the playroom at IFCH, in collaboration with Belgian medical students. Pauline de Vries is spearheading the program, along with two colleagues. Here is a small overview of the project from Pauline, and her expectations:

My name is Pauline de Vries. I’m a  21 year old Belgian medicine student and I’m currently in my third bachelor year at the Catholic University of Leuven. Ever since I decided to become a doctor, I’ve wanted to work with children. I believe that kids should not be sick. They should smile, play, read and live a happy life without any sorrow.

When Lana told me IFCH doesn’t have a library for the children, I started thinking about creating one. I have seen an experienced how stories have the ability to make you forget your troubles, even just briefly imagine you’re in another world. Therefore, I have organized a project to construct a medical library for the healthcare workers within the hospital, as well as a children’s library for patients and their families.  It is not my intention to create a library with high standing literature but I would like to create an atmosphere where children can have fun with their friends and learn something new.

At this moment, we are working hard to get donations to buy medical books and children books. Also, we are trying to collect money for bookshelves and disinfection materials. In order to make sure that in the future this library will succeed, we have developed a functional borrowing system.

As for myself, this project would be the perfect opportunity to discover a part of the up to now unfamiliar Asian culture. Moreover by working in a hospital I would also be able to experience differences in interaction with patients and basic health care. Therefore I would not only b learning about the social but also the medical differences, something that will definitely enrich my studies.

I believe that the world is like a book: ‘who does not travel reads only the first page’. To see and get to know Nepal better, is a wonderful opportunity. I expect to be blown away by the landscape, intrigued by the people and also confronted with everyday life away from the westernized society. Nevertheless I wish to help wherever and whoever I can and to be part of an active project which aims to improve peoples standards of life. To me, this internship and the library-project seem like an extra-ordinary chance to do so.

BABU would like to send a sincere thank you to Qatar airways, who have graciously donated extra checked baggage for the project. If you have new or ‘gently used’ children’s books, colouring books or fairly recent medical textbooks, or if you would like to donate to the project, please e-mail

Donations can be made online at—Search Bringing About Better Understanding.

This project is another reminder of how creativity, innovation and dedication can bring about change in small ways that will bring big smiles to children in Nepal.

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