Our main partner hospital, International Friendship Children’s Hospital, has recently opened a new Nutrition Centre for seriously malnourished children. The building of the centre was funded by a group of Australian medical students. The centre boasts 7 beds that provide accommodation for malnourished children and their mothers. The clinical goal of the centre is to have the child gain one kilogram of weight per week. Families are asked to stay at least two weeks, with an ultimate goal of gaining 2 kg.

Malnutrition is very common in Nepal, and serious malnutrition can lead to cognitive and developmental delays and exacerbates a myriad of health problems common in Nepal. Upon arrival at the Nutrition Centre, children are provided with Vitamin A, B12 and Zinc complex, and also provided deworming medicine. Children are fed 4 to 6 times per day with formula and foods rich in calories, protein and nutrients. Mothers are taught proper feeding practices, in addition to food preparation and handling skills.

Providing this care at very low cost is a logistical challenge for IFCH. That is why WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP! The cost of care, food and accommodation for these children is approximately $10 per day, and the treatment for one child including supplements and deworming costs approximately $150. BABU is accepting donations for the IFCH nutrition centre. Donate online through the Canada Helps website, or send cheques to BABU (102 – 404 King St W. Kitchener ON N2G 4Z9). We look forward to your help!

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