Namaste, we wanted to share an update from Nepal. We have received word that our partner organizations have again been lucky with the second earthquake and aftermath, and IFCH is fully functioning. We have learned through Facebook updates that SERC (Special Education Rehabilitation Centre) is also fine, despite the children having just returned to school the previous day. We have done our best to be in touch throughout the ordeal and are supporting our partner organizations as best possible within our scope.

Unfortunately, we have cancelled our volunteer placements for this summer due to the uncertain situation at present. As things unfold, we will have a better understanding of the role our volunteers might play as Nepal begins to rebuild. We will consider sending any trained professionals who may be interested in working in the hospitals or facilities to provide long-term follow-up and care for those injured in the earthquake, and we encourage you to contact us if you think you have skills that will be of use – we can be reached at

For fundraising efforts: individuals looking to donate to immediate disaster relief, we are encouraging donations to Red Cross Canada Nepal Emergency Relief, or to Handicap International, who are doing some excellent rehabilitation work on the ground right now. One of our previous volunteers, Phil Sheppard, was in the quake zone during the earthquake and is now volunteering his time with HI. We are also beginning to fundraise for rebuild efforts. If you would like to donate to BABU at this time, funds will go towards projects taking place this fall. Board Members will be travelling to Nepal in October to assess the situation and help identify BABU’s role in the process.

Thank you to all the BABU friends and family who have reached out to us over the past weeks. You can imagine that we have been busy trying to stay in contact with our colleagues and assure that we are doing everything we can to support them during this difficult time. Our hearts are in Nepal.

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