BABU Vice-president Lana has arrived safely in Kathmandu and has shared a brief update with us:

“The sun is rising in Thamel on my 3rd day here in Kathmandu. It’s been a whirlwind. My first stop was at International Friendship Children’s Hospital, IFCH. What a pleasant sight to see. It was 7 years ago that Dr. Shakya saw his first patient here (capture in this picture), when there was little more than one office and his dream. Today, the hospital boasts 100 beds, 35 of which are ICU beds. And on Wednesday night when I arrived, all of those beds were full, and patients were waiting for one to become free. IFCH is a well-oiled machine, due to the 16-hour work days of our colleague Dr. Shakya. The hospital is doing well since the earthquake, and is currently in the process of making 4 new OPD offices to meet the needs of their patients.



The fuel shortage is causing a large amount of strife here – right now it mostly affects vehicles, but cooking fuel supplies are desperately low, and it’s hard to predict how this is going to turn out. It seems unfair that this should hit a country that has been so devastatingly affected by the earthquake just 6 short months ago. There is much more to see and share over the coming weeks.”

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