Our initiative came about after a trip to Nepal a few years back. A mutual interest in healthcare lead us to a children’s hospital in the heart of Kathmandu where we shadowed various pediatric surgeons and practitioners. Surprised by the conditions in this low to middle-income country’s only government-provided children’s hospital, we returned to Canada frustrated by what we had experienced.

A subsequent trip a year later found us at the step of a new children’s hospital in Kathmandu. Since our last trip, we had kept in contact with a few doctors that had struck us as highly motivated and genuinely concerned about the well being of children in Nepal. Their distaste for the corruption, mismanagement and poor quality of healthcare at the previous hospital lead them to pool their resources and start a a children’s hospital of their own. Inspired by their passion, we spent almost 2 months along side them helping to put together a facility that would challenge the “status quo” of healthcare in Nepal.

Before our departure back to Canada, we asked these local Nepali doctors at the new International Friendship Children’s Hospital how we could further help with their initiative. They requested two things. One was that we help by acquiring  “obsolete” medical equipment from North American hospitals that could be put to good use in Nepal. The next was to send medical professionals willing to visit the hospital and work with the local doctors to effectively implement medical techniques that were yet to be introduced in Nepal. They also wanted to share their story of what it means to be a health care practitioner in places like Nepal.

Upon our return home, we began looking for ways to fulfill the doctors’ requests. This led us to create a registered Canadian charity as a medium to acquire equipment and professionals. Bringing About Better Understanding (or BABU… which is a term of endearment used in Nepal, which translated means “little boy”) is our charity that exists to improve healthcare in Nepal through preventative and curative medicine. Preventative medicine being educating the public on basic public health issues, and curative medicine being empowering local healthcare professionals through knowledge sharing and equipment donation.

Our work and projects continue to grow and develop. In the past four years of operation, BABU has built relationships and programs that continually strive to reach our goals, and reach the children of Nepal. We hope you will join us on this journey, as there are many mountains to climb in Nepal .

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