Infection control, both in healthcare facilities and the community, has been BABU’s most important long-term project in Nepal. BABU’s approach to this issue has been informed by literature, which has consistently shown that meticulous hand hygiene reduces healthcare associated infections, and related morbidity and mortality.  As such, the most important and resource-intensive component of BABU’s infection control program has been the introduction of ethanol hand sanitization units to vital areas of various hospitals in Kathmandu.

Units such as these have been introduced to vital areas such the NICU

BABU has also undertaken to effect change in this area by novel and creative methods suited to the low-resource setting of Nepal, including alterations to existing plumbing and water equipment to allow for elbow or foot-operated faucets, and installation of UV lamps for sterilization. All these efforts have been made possible by collaboration with key decision makers in these facilities, including frontline physician and nursing staff, as well as clinical and hospital directors.

This NICU basin is typical of the rudimentary sanitation available to most hospital areas

Simple alterations, including elbow-operated faucet and liquid soap

Single use laundered and sterilized towlettes instead of a single all-day use towel

The hard work and dedication of BABU volunteer medical students from Canada, Belgium, and Holland, has enabled infection control activities to be initiated primarily at BABU’s base hospital, International Friendship Children’s Hospital (IFCH), and Manmohan Memorial Hospital (MMH). More recently, BABU has partnered with Nepal’s only leprosy hospital as well as a rural birthing centre, to extend its reach.

BABU has also collaborated with international leaders in healthcare, including its landmark agreement with the Holland-based Fresenius Medical Care and its president Dr. Bert Koerts, which has enabled BABU to access larger quantities of ethanol hand sanitizers.

Finally, BABU’s infection control is not restricted to healthcare facilities, and has included hand hygiene campaigns at several local orphanages.

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Handwashing Poster – Colour

Handwashing Poster – Black and White

Germ handout

Handcleaning Station Sign

Small ICU Handcleaning Sign