(Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology, Special Education Specialists etc)

We are looking for people who are :
1- Interested in learning how a foreign medical and rehabilitation system functions
2- Willing to share a skill and contribute your time

BABU will now be working in partnership with IFCH (International Friendship Children’s Hospital) and SERC (Special Education and Rehab Centre) in Kathmandu, Nepal to send interested professionals and students to take part in the new Rehabilitation Medicine Volunteer Program

As a Rehabilitation Medicine Volunteer you will be expected to:
1- LEARN: Shadow/observe how the children’s hospital and school for children with disabilities work
2- SHARE: Prepare a presentation and learning module prior to your departure that will share some skills you have learned in your home country (ex. wheelchair prescription, development assessments, hand-splint designs, etc.)
3- BRING: You will be also asked to bring some used/new donated equipment (which we can help you find) that the Rehabilitation Medicine professionals in Nepal have requested (ex. exercise balls, sensory training equipment, hand-splints etc)
4- BUILD: Are you handy? You can also design equipment in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Medicine professionals and local craftsman to build desired equipment such as standing frames, special seating chairs etc.
5- DONATE: A small donation to the organizations you will be helping out with (IFCH and SERC) as well as BABU (a total of $300) . This money will help them buy new equipment, hire new staff, buy medical equipment, etc.
6- COORDINATE: You will be expected to coordinate your own flight and pay for accommodations which can be on the hospital property in the Volunteer House or in the Backpacker Region (Thamel) a 40 minute walk away. Flights last year cost $1200-2000 depending on the route/airline and accommodation cost 4-12$/night
7- REPORT: You will be asked to complete a report upon your arrival back home about your time in Nepal for BABU.

Please note:
This is a very self-directed experience. We will give you the guidance on how to get to Kathmandu Nepal where the centers are located, where to stay, and what you can bring and contribute. We have prepared a thorough Needs Assessment of what skills and equipment the Rehabilitation Medicine professionals have requested and would ask that you contribute to these special requests. However, when you arrive you will be expected to coordinate your own time between the hospital, school, and leisure. A good example would be to spend your mornings observing and your afternoons working on your small projects that you have prepared. There is no coordinator in Nepal but many wonderful professionals who will be happy to greet you and give you great suggestions. We will provide you with contact information for past volunteers in order to discuss any questions or concerns you may have before your departure and while you are in Nepal.