A mainstay of BABU’s involvement in Nepal has been the provision of material resources to local Nepali healthcare professionals as a means of empowering them to expand their clinical and geographical scope:

Medical equipment
In collaboration with several Toronto area hospitals, BABU has been able to obtain much needed respiratory equipment, including ventilators and expendable supplies. BABU medical student volunteers delivered these supplies to the International Friendship Children’s Hospital, and with some ingenuity and input from local staff, were able to install and operate these units. These efforts were especially successful in the summer of 2011:

IFCH staff working to activate donated respiratory equipment

IFCH director Dr. Shakya with a complete unit containing two BABU-donated CPAPs ready for the PICU

Educational resources
– purchase of text books, atlases
– development of the library at IFCH by BABU Belgium/Netherlands

Allied health services
– dental chair